Building Civic Engagement
Through Financial Education

Mar. 2, 2021

We are now accepting appointments for the Via Linda Senior Center site.  Please click here to fill out a request and submit it (fastest method), send an email to, or call 480.269.7482 (slowest method).  Please choose only ONE method!   After you have an appointment, download the forms and information you need for the appointment here:   VIA LINDA Intake Documents .

Our Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek site is now taking appointments for dates beginning Tuesday, March 2.  Call 480.488.2286 on Mondays through Saturdays from 11:00 to 3:00 to schedule an appointment.  Click here for the location of the library.

We hope to open  Scottsdale Community College later this year.  As soon as we have finalized safety protocols with our site sponsors, we will post the opening dates and appointment process here.

We are offering free access to the tax preparation software we use and provide remote assistance through phone, e-mail, or video chat. Please click here for instructions to do-it-yourself.

Check back regularly, and we will update this information as we learn more.

Quickbooks Training

New entrepreneurs will learn how to set up accounting records to comply with tax laws.


Low income and elderly individuals will receive help with income tax preparation.

Campaign Finance Training

Aspiring political candidates will learn how to comply with campaign finance laws and reporting.

Who We Serve


Through our VITA program, we help you through your personal tax filings no matter what has happened in the past.


We’ll get your small or medium business off to a great start with tax record setup and training through Quick Books online.


Our expert guidance on campaign finance will ensure you stay within the legal guidelines and proper reporting for a smooth run.

It was a pleasure to participate as a VITA volunteer!  Originally I thought it was a great opportunity to give back to the community. However through the tax preparation volunteer works, I realized that by “giving”, I am actually “taking” because of the satisfaction helping others. Especially helping the people who work really hard to support themselves.



Jim Simpson, PhD, CPA recently retired as a Professor of Computer Information Systems and Accounting at Scottsdale Community College. He and a dedicated group of VITA volunteers started Masters of Coin to bring together the many volunteers who have helped make the SCC VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program such a success and expand the reach to help people become better citizens through financial education.

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