We CANNOT prepare returns with

  • Filing status of Married Filing Separately (MFS)
  • Complicated capital gains / losses (Schedule D)
    – Futures
    – Options
    – Cryptocurrency / Digital Assets
    – Sale of home used for rental or business purposes at any time
    – More than 10 transactions without a summary
    – Complex brokerage statements
  • Income from rental property other than land
  • Non-cash contributions >$500
  • Donations of motor vehicles or collectibles
  • Kiddie tax
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Cancellation of Debt (COD) associated with bankruptcy or insolvency.
  • Clean Energy Credits (e.g., solar, electric vehicle)
  • Self-employment (Schedule C) with
    – Expenses >$35,000
    – Business use of home
    – Net loss
    – Actual vehicle expenses instead of default mileage
    – Cost of goods sold (Inventory)
    – Depreciation
    – Contract or employee labor expenses
    – Income / expenses from professional gambling
    – Small Business Income (SBI) option for Arizona
  • Out-of-State returns for
    – California
    – Massachusetts
    – New Jersey
    – New York
    – Any other state where you lack a copy of last year’s return

This is NOT an all‐inclusive list of items that we are not permitted to handle.
Many tax forms have codes on them and some of those specific codes are out of scope for our program.

Please see a professional preparer for assistance with complicated returns.